These pages are a celebration of the people who windsurf in Northern Ireland. It doesn't matter if the sun is cracking the stones, or if the snow is getting in the eyes - we go out in all weathers and have all abilities (and lack thereof).


These pages and the associated newsletter, tells the stories of the people who enjoy windsurfing. While the newsletters are now 'preserved' they do contain an interesting record of what was news, events, lessons etc so it's an interesting read for those who were there.


Windsurfing at Pier 36 More wind at Pier 36

Much of the activity centres around Newtownards Sailing Club, because that's where the core of our windsurfing group started. It's also the largest windsurfing club in NI with great facilities and very safe waters. So this site and the newletter grew out of the club, but is not in any way restricted to it.

Wanted - windsurfers

And finally if we really annoy anyone - we're really sorry and please don't sue us. We mean that most sincerely folks....


Newtownards Sailing Club




What You Need to Know About the Newsletter

 Your humble scribe hard at work

It was always about the people and the stupid things we got up to.

We never accepted money for anything we do - including bribes to stop us telling tales. This site is just for fun.

If you don't like what we do - you can always take up kite surfing ....

Your humble scribe hard at work