Doubling Up with Miss Norway

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Doubling Up with Miss Norway

Editors Note - historically this turned out to be the most read article Windsurfcraic has ever produced - wonder why...

Let's face it, windsurfers are often a bunch of sad blokes - or at least it can appear that way. We know we're superior (since we windsurf), we are of course fanatical about it and when you come down to it we're mostly a bunch of blokes of a certain age wearing rubber.

Not that's anything wrong with wearing rubber let me add now before I get howls of anguish from the windsurfing fraternity - or at least those employed in the police at least.

So when a chance comes up to sail not on your own, but sharing a board - and with a rather attractive young lady, would you jump at it? I can just hear Andy now reminiscing back to his days as a windsurfing instructor with his own harem but that's a different story (although we do have the photos to prove it).

And while we're talking fantasies, how often have you seen a tandem windsurfer? Actually I've seen one every year for 10 years but it's been sitting at a hire centre in Aruba and I've never had a chance to sail it. That is until this year.

The short version is that somehow I persuaded one of the staff at Vela to sail the tandem with me - as she'd done it before. Her name is Siri and she is known to her colleagues at Miss Norway. Oh and before you get the wrong idea, Siri is an excellent windsurfer who got more duck gybes on her lunch break than I got in the entire holiday - not that this would be too difficult.

So as you can see on the photographs we sallied forth together. And what an experience it was. First off it's huge, I'm not sure how many litres, but well over 300 I'd say and it's very long. If you had it on your roof rack you'd need flags at each end to warn other motorists. And the fin is huge too, perhaps 75? So when you're sailing with no wetsuit (well the temperature is 27 degrees there, every day) you need to be careful when you're in the water.

And then windsurfing is a solo sport. You decide when you turn, where you go and everything else. But sailing a tandem is rather like being in the line at ballet - but sadly without the tutu. Or even more sad, being in a line dance. You have to be totally co-ordinated or someone gets a rig on the head or you both go for a swim. It's whole new world.

It turns out that the best way to sail is to agree a boss. In this case it was Siri and for the first and last time in my life I had to do as I was told. However with 2 sails that aircraft carrier really can go some. We were on 5 (Siri at the front) and 5.8 me at the back as what she called the engine room. Siri would largely set the direction and she'd get into the harness and at least 1 strap ahead of me at the back. But once we both in both straps, I found I could really lean out power the sail. The board would take off and really plane - Siri would be on the bit what was out of the water. And we flew!

Gybing was interesting. Again, commands were issued from the front and you had to follow or else there'd be a tangle. But yes, you can carve gybe an aircraft carrier.

And tacking was good too, the board is so long that I found my role at the back was actually to push the stern round and I was near horizontal doing it.

For me, one of the weirdest things was when it had all gone wrong and we were trying to water start in tandem. If she got up before me, then I was left trying to water start but unable to control the direction of the board as you normally would. In these cases I'd end up water starting right over the rear of the board. Undignified but it worked.



So, a totally new experience and one I'd recommend. And trust me, you will be the star of the show. Everyone one else on the water just stops and stares. I'm used to that, but this was in a good way for a change.

So many thanks to Siri for guiding me through this. It was an experience I will not forget in a hurry!




I know there's no wind right now and Downings is already looking rather dodgy. But it's not too long until our 2 windsurfing courses are running. However there are still spaces on both courses, so for those of you living on Mars here's a recap :

The options are :


  • Up to 6 day wave course ie it's 6 days but you can do less if you need to
  • Up to 4 day flat water course (option of doing less)
  • Flatwater course plus a couple of days of waves
  • Special price for kids for just the Sat/Sun


And we will put the price up nearer the time (if there any spaces remaining), so if you're thinking of leaving to a weather forecast, forget it. Easyjet pricing and no speedy boarding.



These courses are open to anyone ie you don't need to be a member of NSC.


The format and dates for 2013 are :


  • 6 day wave course Sat 14th Sept to Thurs 19th Sept inclusive
  • 4 day flat water course from Fri 20th - Mon 23rd inclusive (2 instructors)
  • Costs are likely to be similar to 2012
  • Both courses are likely to become fully booked
  • £50 deposit secures your place (£25 for grommets)


So contact me for bank details if you don't already have them and get cracking.


Quite a few people want to do the flat water course plus some days on the wave course. No problem at all about this and I'll set out special prices for those involved.

For those of you who haven't sailed waves, let me explain how this might work. If you're about for a wave day and the conditions are mild, you will taught how to manage in waves. If it's too strong or big, then you'll get some flatwater training at a safer spot. So it's win, win.


And if you're not already down to go, well get cracking as these courses are going to fill out  and you won't get in.


So, if you fancy some great sailing with top quality video coaching, then get in touch and wave £50 at me quickly. September is the month and the price will be going up soon.

It even turns out that last year the course produces a romance. And no it wasn't between two blokes in rubber before you ask. Nor did it involve Andy and a passing seal.



Brian Darby is selling some stuff and not at a high price. He says :
Selling my RRD Z-Ride 133lt, 255x70 cm takes up to 8.0m, comes with a True Ames 42cm fin.

Owned this board from new and there is some wear and tear, including a small area of the deck pad that has been torn when I was learning to waterstart!! Also a small repair on the deck where someone thought it would be funny to chuck a brick at it (he wont do that again!!) Doesn't impact board performance.

Great board, fast and comfortable, and a great step down to a short board.

Can provide photos.

Based up north but can possibly arrange delivery

£300 or €350

I'm also selling a Nash CT 180 - 220 boom, well used £30.




07983 808 799

Clearly not a man to chuck a brick at! If you're interested, contact Brian directly.