I'm Dreaming of Warm Windsurfing


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I'm Dreaming of Warm Windsurfing

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Yes it's officially freezing. Andy and Graham did Kearney last Thursday - but even they have stayed tucked up inside and warm after that. Not sure if they've tucked up together....


However, we can all dream of wonderful windsurfing and preferably in conditions where brass monkeys don't freeze ie medieval cannon balls don't stick on their brass racks.


One such opportunity of course is Donegal this September. OK it won't be totally tropical (now there's the name of an awful pop group from the 70s) but it will be fabulous conditions.


And the bookings are really piling in. So far 17 people are going! We're trying to get everyone committed early so that we can get the Hobbits booked early (saving on ferry costs) and also because there will be stiff competition for hotel rooms this year.


Of course these days we run two courses, 1 for waveheads and one for flatheads ie anyone of pretty well any level who doesn't want to do waves. After the huge improvements people made last year, many of the flat water people are asking me if they can do the flat water course plus a couple of (gentle) days in waves. The answer is yes. If you can water start, then this is fine - you don't for example need to be able to gybe - come on Paddy, that's got to be you in too then. We're quite happy to provide a mixed package for those that want to swing both ways as it were (including Robblie and Kev obviously).


And, in case you haven't noticed, the flat water course is 4 days this year instead of 3. More chance to improve. Oh yes - these courses are open to anyone ie you don't need to be a member of NSC.


The format and dates for 2013 are :


  • 6 day wave course Sat 14th Sept to Thurs 19th Sept inclusive
  • 4 day flat water course from Fri 20th - Mon 23rd inclusive (2 instructors)
  • Costs are likely to be similar to 2012
  • Both courses are likely to become fully booked
  • £50 deposit secures your place


I'm not going to say yet that places are limited and that you might not get in. However this point will be reached, with 17 booked by the middle of January this is self evident. So get moving.


So contact me for bank details if you don't already have them and get cracking.




And then there's more. This from Danielle and Phil aka the Hobbits.

For more information check out www.getwindsurfing.com/courses or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions of to book!


We already know just how good these guys are. A number of us first encountered them in El Tur and then of course for the last 2 years in Donegal. Jenny was so inspired by them in Donegal that she immediately ran off to Egypt for more (and to get warmed up).






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