Missing Magheroarty

Easyjet Pricing Hits Donegal

Missing Magheroarty

Magheroarty has been brilliant recently. Not kit wrecking, do or die brilliant - just great to sail in for lessor mortals who can sail a bit. And yet so many of you have missed out, or in fact never even thought about it.

As those going up to Donegal for the courses know or soon will know, Magheroarty beach near the downtown metropolis of Gortahork - that's Gort an Choirce or Gort a' Choirce depending on your Irish, is a great place to windsurf. Actually it's world class when the wind is strong and the waves are as high as houses. So no wonder it can put people off.

But what you forget is that a lot of the time is relatively tame, beautiful and of course the home of the Salty Pint.

The father of the Salty Pint - in an exited state


The Salty Pint, created by the Wookie of course, is that first pint of Guinness enjoyed before showering or cleaning up ie while still caked in salt after windsurfing. And it tastes great...

I was lucky enough to spend time at Magheroarty over the last couple of weekends and many of you reading this could easily have sailed it. Or as Wookie puts it, 'if a useless wave plonker like you Watts can sail there, anyone can'. And he's not far wrong - as those who seen me chasing a wave will testify.

2 weeks ago it was a 1 day up and down. And by the way I can tell you that there are no petrol stations open between Lisburn and Strabane at 5:30AM on a Saturday morning - as my engine literally died as I coasted much relieved into the petrol station at Lifford...

There were quite a few on the dunes including Wookie, Big Robert and good crowd from Dublin. If they could drive from Dublin, well there's no excuse for the rest of you.

It was 5m weather, well it was for me although Wookie and the more serious wave heads were on 4.2m - 4.5m. And the water was pretty choppy so you needed to be on a smaller board, in my case 90 ltr FSW. But the sun was out and the waves were nice ie not too big.

For those of you who don't Magheroarty, it's a big semi circular beach with a harbour at one end and a reef break outside this. The water state is very dependent on the tide. So at times the reef break has great waves until it starts to suck dry (mind your fin) or flattens off with too much water. The same thing happens on the beach in a way. So at times it's pretty flat with waves breaking only near the beach. At other times the  waves jack up and there's great wave riding - or in my case wave chasing.

And this weekend Raptor and Wookie shared a van, but they claim not a bed, for the weekend and I went up too. 5m on the Saturday and 6.3m on the Sunday, again in lovely sun. On each of these days most people could have had a good sail.

Having said that, the more serious headed out the reef which is where these photos came from. Mast high waves and nicely spaced out - there were some seriously happy faces at the end of the day.

And just to add some colour - well certainly some hair colour - Timo Mullen appeared complete with film crew and did some very clever stuff on the waves.

So the next time you read on the Facebook pages that people are heading up - why not give it a go yourself. And you can also buy Wookie a Salty Pint...

Easyjet Pricing Hits Donegal

Yes - Easyjet comes to Donegal. The wave and flat water courses are running in September. The waves are for 6 days starting on 14th and then the flat water runs for 4 days from 20th. And they're not dear.

However, they are now getting dearer. The prices have now risen by £10 and will rise again at the end of August and again after that. This is a reward for all the good supporters who booked and paid early. But for those hanging on and perhaps waiting to go up on a forecast - well thanks for subsidising the rest of us...

If you're thinking of going on either, book now or pay more.