Rather like some windsurfers learning to gybe, or Andy being persuaded to get married, at last the September courses are on.

The details are simple :

  • Flat water intermediate courses runs from 19th - 22nd September based at Downings. All the usual excellent video coaching from Phil and Danielle.
  • The wave course follows immediately from 23rd - 28th September based at Magheroarty. Same team, same style but moved up a gear.
  • And there are easy ways for people to do the flat course and then move on to try at least part of the wave course.
  • And you know that you've every humiliation and perhaps your occasional triumph will be captured for posterity and also posted on this website. What more could you want.
  • We also have weekend availability for those who can't take time off work.

So it's all happening, and in one of the best places in the world, so what more could you want. The prices are low so if anyone else is tempted to join us, there are still spaces. Just let me know.