Rather like some windsurfers learning to gybe, or Andy being persuaded to get married, at last the September courses are on.

The details are simple :

  • Flat water intermediate courses runs from 19th - 22nd September based at Downings. All the usual excellent video coaching from Phil and Danielle.
  • The wave course follows immediately from 23rd - 28th September based at Magheroarty. Same team, same style but moved up a gear.
  • And there are easy ways for people to do the flat course and then move on to try at least part of the wave course.
  • And you know that your every humiliation and perhaps your occasional triumph will be captured for posterity and also posted on this website. What more could you want.
  • We also have weekend availability for those who can't take time off work.

So it's all happening, and in one of the best places in the world, so what more could you want. The prices are low so if anyone else is tempted to join us, there are still spaces. Just let me know.


And as it happens, we had a couple of dry runs recently. First the annual Downings Windsurfing event was won, not for the first time by Ming the Merciless. What is scary is that a couple of days before he got a rope wrapped around his leg while being towed by a speedboat. If you're squeamish, then look away now.....

 Mings leg

Actually his legs are pretty grim at the best of times, but they're worse now. And as you can see he also nearly lost more than his leg.

Of course this didn't stop him. Duck tape and drugs and out he want - and won the damned event! How humiliating for the rest of us - although admittedly there was only 1 planing race. Still, we got a good tan and the kids (of all ages) had a ball.


And then we had a great rehearsal for the wave event last weekend. There was a big turnout both Saturday and Sunday. The first day was Magheroarty for some front side with Wookie and co heading straight off to the reef for 3 hours of 'a perfect conveyor' of waves. Some of us mere mortal stayed in the main bay and looked for waves. Most people were on 4.5-5.2 although I had a good sail on 5.5m on 110. Others about included Big Robert who claimed he was only there because it was raining at home so he couldn't bring in the harvest, Raptor and a large bunch from the area - well if you cast the net wide as this included Dublin. Tomasz and his mates were out too and having fun.

John Bedford appeared, sailed and then headed off to look for accommodation. We were amazed when he turned up the next day claiming to have stayed at Arnolds. Bit posh for him we thought. Actually we were just amazed he turned up at all as we've all heard the stories of his Saturday nights. But at Arnolds he had stayed. Sadly it in their carpark in his van....

Sunday was NW in Rosapenna and dear love the locals as the already small car park was bunged by 10am with disreputable looking vans. First out was the very same Bedford on 4.7 and at times hanging on, other times hanging off but fortunately for us rarely hanging out. In fact it was pretty flat with the tide in, but it was windy. I ventured out on 4.5m on 90 and found it bumpy but overall flat. Some big monsters further down near Monks of course.

After an early lunch break the tide was out enough that the waves started. After that it was back side heaven - make up your own jokes. Andy (4.7), Wookie (4.2), Raptor (3.9), Robert (screw the harvest again), Hern Dog and half of Donegal were on the waves. Actually it was a repeat of last year's Donegal wave course when I finally cracked back side wave riding. So I had a ball on the identical conditions and exact same kit.

You could sail out without too many obstacles, although the ramps weren't that good for jumping. If you went too far out you started to see the monster waves at Monks and soon got a strong urge to gybe. It remained rough so you were never relaxing and just cruising - although I did manage to do this for a while until a flying mid air Wookie jumped over and landed near me. But as you reached the inside good waves formed and there was a lot of cut and thrust going on there. The better riders of course could come off on the top turn and go round clew first to hit the wave front side. And Raptor would do this switch stance and a few other tricky bits thrown in.

The sun shone and we were very happy!

It all reminded me so strongly of last year's course. So now you know, don't prat around, if you're not booked, get in touch and join the fun.