How to Windsurf and Save Money!


Want to save some money windsurfing? Simple. Book your Donegal course for September, or at least get your (returnable) deposit in before April and save £20. How easy is that?

The details are :


  • Run a flat water course Fri-Mon 25-28th Sept – again with the option of some people just doing Sat/Sun
  • Run waves Tue 29th Sept -  Sun 4th Oct
  • Include the option of the weekend flat people (who are good enough) to also do some waves on the following weekend ie  Sat/Sun 3-4th Oct
  • Encourage people to do the flat and then stay on for some of the waves
  • Phil and Danielle to provide the coaching again – video feedback and all that
The prices are :
Wave course £200
Flat water course £180, return for the second weekend as well £50
Weekend only £100 (no kids discount, but family discount of 3 or more from 1 family)
But these prices go up £20 pp from 1st April. So get your deposits to me to lock in the lower prices before April. Until we have sufficient people, these deposits are returnable, so you are not taking much risk.
Bank details are unchanged from last year, but I can provide these if needed.

So whack your deposit in now!


Blood at Kearney


No helmet Minger

I haven't been out as much as I'd have liked recently, but last week I did join quite a crowd down at Kearney. I called past the club on the way and the likes of Paddy and David Corkhill were shooting about on around 6m and it was warm. Actually for March is was very warm, well into the teens.

So with a glad heart I drove on to Kearney - where I was greeted by long faces and mutterings about the cold. It was 6 degrees. And no-one was in a rush to go out as the tide was high so the waves weren't great yet.

After much muttering, people did go out. Sails varied from 4.2m to 5.7m and at first it was a little bit of struggle to get out. Then it picked up and various balls were had. Later it really got up and various people struggled to hold on before it dipped a little and those of us who'd changed to smaller boards began to struggle. I certainly took a few rinsings.

Lots of people on the water including Andy, who while sailing very well (well, he hasn't much else to do at the moment) also provided the usual amusement.

Meanwhile style was provided by Wookie and Raptor.

But the real drama was Ming. Standing in waist deep water waiting to go out, he was hit by a gust, back winded and pushed over backwards. Comical of course, except that his head managed to find one of the few rocks on beach here. Blood everywhere.

John Adrain and Robert immediately abandoned their sailing to get Ming in and help tidy him up. Once he could see again, he drove himself to A+E where they used two staples to patch him up. He didn't say if these were the normal type you use for bundling papers together.

Andy fails to gybe 1 of 2

Andy failed gybe 2 of 2

In the meantime various jokes were doing the rounds about how good John and Robert  looked in nurses uniforms. Sad thing of course is that so many windsurfers knew how they looked in these....

So, never boring at Kearney.