The Very First Windsurfing Holiday

2002 was the first time we ventured overseas as a group. Again, it wasn't sent out as a newsletter at the time, but this gives a feeling for how it went.


For many of us it was the first time to properly get to know each other. Some definite male bonding took place.


Alan was (and is) very fond of his Nambarri tea. So much so that he used it for sun glasses and also for nipple protection - fortunately not recorded for the camera.


And hates tomatoes. So it was rather ironic that he turned bright red and was labelled Mr Tomato Head by the group.



Dressed to kill, or at least to dig up roads, the Lord gets ready to sail. First out on the first day, last back on the last one.


 This is the full group. Some have changed almost beyond recognition since then, but some are still the same size and shape today.