Achill Island and Every Windsurfer's Dream


This was never sent out as a newsletter, but 16 years after the event, here's what happened.

You couldn't make it up. A bunch of male windsurfers of a certain age take the long drive to Westport for a long weekend of windsurfing. They hire a new build house to stay in, arrive get settled in and then there's a knock at the door. Standing outside are a bunch of young women who say 'we're a hen party here for the weekend, we saw the windsurfing gear on the cars and wondered if you'd got any men here'.

Well, what would you have said? Get lost, I don't think so.

So the weekend started with a bang, although I do wonder what the girls thought of the bunch of less than young 'men' they spent the evening with (not the night)....







This is the bride to be 'dancing' on the Lord. Clearly the highlight of her forthcoming wedding.

We spent the next few days commuting to Achill in rather variable conditions.

Andy was very pleased with his new van which he thought would go anywhere. I remember yelling at him to stop as he charged a sand dune on the beach, but he was confident it would make it.

He was wrong.


How many windsurfers does it take to decide the van is well stuck?


In Ireland there is always a man in a tractor to pull you out.


 We did actually get some windsurfing done too. It was very cold, but we were undeterred.

 And being Ireland, there is always a pub with a real fire burning to warm you up afterwards. This is Lord, Andy and Phil 'Casper' McCool recovering.


 Tony of course made an arse of himself. Note the handy detachable trailer door behind him. On one occasion he left it behind at Achill and then had to drive 30 minutes back to find it in the dark.


This was during Andy's 360 period. Here he is doing yet another lay down 360 at Achill.


 Tony however was on his gybes, as well as the Jack Daniels.

And Andy looking cool (actually bloody cold) while giving his usual rude gesture.

The scenary, but not always the windsurfing was amazing.

I'd like to give Ali some abuse, as he was  there, but fortunately he wasn't in any of the pictures.