NICKNAME:  The Lord (just a bit bossy).

WINDSURFING LEVEL:  Good intermediate (or so he claims).

GREATEST MOMENT:  First duck gybe - and caught it on video (has rarely been see doing one since!)

WORST MOMENT:  Windsurfing black eye in a gale and then having to go the company AGM the next day.

SLANDEROUS INFORMATION:  Runs this site so has the power to slag off everyone. And does. Used to take a lot of flack for a poor stance, but has since been to the toilet and all is now well.
The local firebrigade once tried to 'rescue' him when he was in 3 feet of water by the shore.

FAVOURATE LOCATIONS : NSC in winter (warm showers, cold Guinness), Aruba for flat water, Lough Neagh for colonic irrigation and Magheroarty for humiliation.

WHERE IS HE NOW : Same old same old, sailing the usual locations, writing the same crap and annoying all of the other windsurfers (although secretly they love it).


Lord and Tony