Ali Todd aka Tourettes



A legal carve gybe Wil I gybe or will I jump?


NICKNAME:  Tourettes  - he washes his mouth out with salt water a lot, but he doesn't get any better. Also known as Foul Mouthed Todd for the same reason.

WINDSURFING LEVEL:  Good intermediate.

GREATEST MOMENT:  Not swearing all week at El Medano and then leaving his harness in a bar (never to be found again) and making up for it on the last day...

WORST MOMENT:  Being caught in a freak storm and nearly hit by lightening - 20 metres from the club jetty. Or was it being sown up by Shipman after getting a nail through his foot? Actually no, it was being hit by his own boom in a gale at Magheroarty and ending up with 2 broken bones in his hand.

SLANDEROUS INFORMATION:  There's much we would like to put here, but our lawyer (Ali Todd) advises strongly against it!

WHERE IS HE NOW? Still laying down the law and busy windsurfing when he's not supervising another wing being added to Todd Towers. Still to be seen at the club and sometimes at Cultra.