CHRIS LOUGHRIDGE aka Ming the Merciless




NICKNAME:  Ming the Merciless . Received because he looks like the actor out of Flash Gordon - and because he is without mercy when it comes to his sport.

WINDSURFING LEVEL:  Good intermediate

GREATEST MOMENT:  Getting e-mail exposure for wearing the most hideous shorts (with the most hideous legs) at the club. Or not getting the Guinness Book of Records recognition for the fastest NI/UK windsurfing crossing, but getting on the BBC One Show to talk about it.

WORST MOMENT:  Walking past a full length mirror while wearing the above

GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS : Winning the Pier 36 GPS challenge 3 times in a row! Being sown up by Shipman after splitting his head open (despite a helmet) at Pras - and then being back on the water 59 minutes later.

Nearly losing his leg on a rope while being towed.

And of course appearing on the BBC One Show after he sailed across the Irish Sea but failed to be recognised by Guinness World Records.

TRANSPORT DIFFICULTIES : His famous 'ice cream van' VW Camper is camping in the sky having been on its last legs for ages. Rather like its owner really. He is also famous for leaving various windsurfing boards on various motorways - suffice to say, don't drive behind him when he's got boards on his roof!

SLANDEROUS INFORMATION:  In a very sporting career Chris has broken just about every bone in his body. He is now made of Titanium and beeps at security in airports. And don't call Cathy (his wife) Mrs Ming or Mrs Minger - he won't mind, but she'll kill you!

WHERE IS HE NOW? Still minging is the best way to describe it. Relentlessly sailing as long and as often as he can - regardless of things like it getting dark, him getting older or anything else for that matter. Still frightening people as the dentist who wears black instead of white of course.


Clew first (in the water) gybe