COLIN KELLY aka Lorraine


Sadly Colin died in 2017. We all miss his genial smile and great sense of humour. This bio has been left up in tribute to him.






NICKNAME:   Come backs - or something similar sounding. Lorraine is probably safer...




GREATEST MOMENT:  Waveriding at Kearney with Wookie when he really got it dialled (the wave riding, not Wookie). Also a particularly fabulous jump at El Tur, shortly before he did the splits mid air and made a balls of his day.



WORST MOMENT:  Being caught taking pictures of the girls on the beach at Prasonisi. Also landing 'split' in Egypt.


SLANDEROUS INFORMATION:  One tried to downhaul his sail having rigged it with bungee rope, was twanging away all day.


OTHER INFORMATION:  Good singer, improves with the number of pints drunk up until about 8 or so - after that we can't remember.