PAT LYNER aka Pole Dancer


WINDSURFING LEVEL:  Intermediate and keen speed racer.

GREATEST MOMENT: Went to Torbole (Lake Garda) for Honeymoon.Walking along the newly erected tents when noticed a familiar face. None other than Anders Bringdal a hero from his epic battles with the infamous Bjorn Dunkerbeck. Approached him and asked if could have a chat he said no problem and started nattering about his new gear AB boards and challenge sails. Then talked about his recent results in speed sailing. Lastly chatted about his old copello boards one of which I have. Found Him a very nice guy and very down to earth. One can only wonder what his poor bride thought of being ditched for a bloke in dodgy shorts....


WORST MOMENT:  Backwinding on a gybe and nearly slicing his manhood off - you should see the cuts in the wetsuit... Or being made commodore at Newtownards Sailing Club.


SLANDEROUS INFORMATION:  Should never be allowed to dive as he is a serious fish molester - and we've the photographs to prove it..


OTHER INFORMATION:  Nothing but nothing shuts this guy up - but when he announced he was to marry a  Polish girl, we wondered if this might change... It didn't..

WHERE IS HE NOW?  Nothing has changed. He still sails at the club a lot where he is a qualified instructor and also runs the sailing sessions for the newer (and older) windsurfers. He still talks a lot...