ROBBIE WRIGHT - aka Robbie Bin laden




















NICKNAME:  Robbie Bin Laden

There is a rumour that Robbie is some form of secret agent, he disappears for months on end then bang, he's back showering us with his famous sense of humour. In fact, it's probably more to do with all the successful businesses he creates, grows and sells.  

And the name - well it's how he looks. Plus he's very careful about the sun and so always goes out well covered up.


WINDSURFING LEVEL:  Good windsurfer

GREATEST MOMENT:  The silhouette shot in Tarifa

WORST MOMENT:  Breaking his foot on the rocks at Magheroarty and so retiring from wave sailing.

SLANDEROUS INFORMATION:  We can't say in case the CIA pick it up

OTHER INFORMATION: His son is the master of the perfect gybe. And today Robbie is into jewellery making - make up your own jokes, but knowing Robbie he's very good at it.

WHERE IS HE NOW?  Sailing mostly at the club but also at his pad in Donegal (now he no longer has to live in a cave to keep away from the Americans