TONY EGERTON aka Dr No (Ticket)

Sadly Tony passed away in 2018. We miss him when we are sailing with his constant smile and desire to improve his gybes. This bio has been left up in his memory.




NICKNAME:  Dr No Ticket, Harold

WINDSURFING LEVEL:  Good intermediate

GREATEST MOMENT:  Surviving when Wookie cut his board in two at Tarifa

WORST MOMENT:  Seeing Wookie coming at him. Or dislocating his shoulder at El Tur.

SLANDEROUS INFORMATON:  Tony is the technical guru who did all the filming on the early windsurfing holidays.  His 'see the video' parties were legendary when we come back from the holidays - and not just for the wife swapping.

He once threw away his return tickets from a windsurfing holiday hence the nick name.



 Tony very laid down gybe