NAME: Andy Tease

NICKNAME : Shrek, Mr Tomato Head (he tans rather easily)


Seriously good, used to be a windsurfing instructor specialising in teaching women. But he's married now.

GREATEST MOMENT : Being (wrongly) minuted as winning the Irish Championships

WORST MOMENT : "My van will go over that sand dune". This was Achill, but the tractor did manage to tow him out..

SLANDEROUS INFORMATION : While an excellent windsurfer, Andy is not the smallest windsurfer and can be hard on kit. He breaks   masts, booms, boards etc regularly. He once got pinned by his sail against the club jetty in a gale.

We'd like to tell you a lot more, but our lawyers advise against it

OTHER INFORMATION : Is now married but it doesn't seem to have reduced his windsurfing. Is particularly fond of licquorish

WHERE IS HE NOW : Windsurfing any time it is windy, regardless of various jobs he's alleged to have held down. His age is uncertain, but we do know he was 29 for at least 10 years. These days he's alsos a dealer - that's in windsurfing kit and not licquorish